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Rental Terms & Policies

We provide 24-hour support for our customers peace of mind. Please call 1-800-564-4505

If there is an equipment malfunction we will respond to correct the situation in a timely manner.

We also offer On-Hold Insurance Services, in case our Clients want Tents on Stand-By basis.

Billing and Payment Term Questions

Do you require a deposit?
Yes, usually a 30 percent deposit of the total balance is required, a larger deposit may be required depending on other variables related to the event.

Is the Deposit refundable?
In some circumstances the deposit is refundable. If the tented event is cancelled within 60 days , the deposit is refundable minus documentation and other handling charges. The deposit is non-refundable if cancellation accurse within 30 days of the event.

How can we pay?  by Credit Card or can terms be extended to me
In order to become an approved “account”, Ask us to send you our business and/or personal Credit forms.  We accept AMEX, MasterCard, Visa, Check or Cash

When is payment due?
Payment is due upon delivery or receipt of the rental items.

Can I pay the driver when the equipment is delivered?
Nassau Tent rentals still accepts CODs. Our installers have our full confidence and are trusted with all balance payment.

If I do not use equipment can I get a refund?
Unfortunately once the equipment is accepted for delivery we can not refund any portion of the total bill.

Where do you deliver too?
All deliveries and pick-ups are to a ground floor or lower level. Other locations are subject to an additional charge.

Who is responsible for the equipment?
Responsibility for equipment remains with the lessee from time of delivery to time of pick-up.

What about sprinklers and underground wiring?
All sprinklers and any other underground wiring must be clearly flagged. Nassau Tent is not responsible if drawings are not furnished upon installation. The Lessee assumes all liability.