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Quick Reference and Helpful Hints

A tent can be defined as a temporary structure composed of a covering made of pliable material or fabric, that is supported by mechanical means such as poles, metal frames, beams, columns, arches, ropes and/or cables.

A canopy is an architectural fabric projection that provides weather protection, identity, and/or decoration.  The term also refers to a small tent, a tent without sidewalls and a walkway marquee.

A Tent Liner is a fabric that is installed inside of a tent structure. We also carry leg skirts and center pole covers. we have several models and styles to choose from.

Frame tents require minimum staking and have no center poles creating more space.  Traditional push/pole tents with center poles require more extensive staking.

Give us a call @ 800.564.4505 to schedule a no obligation site survey.  A mandatory requirement by NTPS Events is the first of many important steps in the total organization of any safe tent rental function or event. The major purposes of the site survey are to gather all pertinent information regarding the proposed event,   The site survey should be completed by a qualified professional such as a sales consultant or job foreman and passed onto those responsible for the installation.

The importance of safety as related to the site survey cannot be over-emphasized.  Considerations should be given to obstacles such as obstructions, location, weather, wind exposure, access, exit and anchoring stability.  All tent installers must be aware of and adhere to applicable building codes and fire regulations.  Information is available in The IFAI Procedural Handbook for the Safe Installation and Maintenance of Tents.

Yes. We are a fully Insured and Bonded company.   We will be happy to provide details as needed.

The question always arises as to what makes one Rental company more expensive than the next.  We hope the following will help you make the right choice for your next event. NTPS Events promises to charge a fair price for the work we do. We constantly upgrade to the newest equipment which we expertly maintain. Our vast and still growing inventory allows us to have on-hand, the equipment you need for your special event. We have the best trained most knowledgeable professionals working for us, some for over 30 years. We offer On-Site personnel to insure a stress free event. We offer On Hold, If Wanted and Rainy Day options. (ask your sales rep for details.)

What permits if any are involved?
Every municipality has different rules and regulations, the most common type of permits are Fire Permits and Building Permits. At NTPS Events, all of our tents have fire certificates to assure safety, plus we do all the leg work,  NTPS Events files the permits when needed and dependant on municipalty will send our fire certificates to the clients.  NTPS Events is not respionsible for permits not filed relating to tent installation, (fees depend on municipality)  all other related permits must be dealt with by the customer.

Installation Questions

As a general rule we install on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. This is subject to change based on clients needs and the size of the event in question.

We are responsible for set up and removal of all tents for your event.  Let the experts do it.

It is the responsibility of the client to make sure that event site is clearly flagged for all underground water gas and power lines.  If site is not flagged prior to installation, The customers assumes all responsibility for any and all damages.

There a great FREE service for customers in:
New York City - Long Island     One Call Center (800) 272-4480
New Jersey     One Call Center (800) 272-1000
Connecticut     One Call Center (800) 922-4455

or visit them on the web at www.digsafe.com. Call no less thann 14 days prior to installation to make an appointment

If your home has a clearance height of 8-10 ft, or more, the tent can go directly next to your home or attach to your roof. A little filler might be used to insure that guests stay dry as they walk out from the house and into the tent.

The decision to buy or rent a tent has many variables.  If the tent shall be used for 4 to 6 times each year, it is probably better and more economical to rent the tent.  Our expert installers are provided with the necessary training and expertise to safely install and remove the tent.   Our company also has the tools, washing facilities, and storage areas to maintain the tent when it is not in use.  We have had long-standing relationships with the fire marshals, code enforcement officials, and other regulatory officials, which can make renting the preferred choice. Renting will also allow you to vary the size of tent according to your specific needs.   Of course if you will be using the tent frequently or for long periods of time, it may be wise to purchase the tent.

What are your office hours?
Season   (March - November)                      Off Season   (November - March)
Monday - Friday from 7:00am to 6:00pm            Monday - Friday from 8:00am to 4:00pm
Weekends -  8:00am to 5:00pm                         Saturday 8:00am to 4:00pm

Sure. if for whatever reason they are unavailable you can speak to anyone else, just ask for assistance and one of our staff will be happy to help you.

If you need to make changes or additions to an order please wait until the next business day.  If an event is in progress and you need to speak with someone immediately call the following number and follow the instructions. 1800-564-4505

During inclement weather, particularly when the tent is in use, experienced tent personnel should be on hand to insure the security of the equipment and those using it.  All parties must be aware of the limitations for safe occupancy of the tent.  The tent renter must retain the right to declare the tent unsafe for occupancy.

Ceremony                                    6 Sq. Ft. Per Person   (Seating in Rows)
Cathedral Seating                        8 Sq. Ft. Per Person   (Includes Aisle & Ceremony Space)
Cocktail Party                              5 Sq. Ft. Per person   (Standing Room Only)
Cocktail party W/ Dance Floor   12 Sq. Ft. Per Person
Stand-Up Cocktails                    15 Sq. Ft. Per Person   (Includes Seating for 1/3 & Space for Bars)
Buffet Dinner                             20 Sq. Ft. Per Person   (Includes Room for Bars & Dance Floor)
Sit Down Dinner                        15 Sq. Ft. Per Person   (Includes Room for Bars & Dance Floor)  

Table Seating & Musical Intruments Chart
6 Banquet (Rectangle)     6 - 8    ppl
8' Banquet (Rectangle)    8 - 10  ppl 
36" Round                       4 - 6    ppl
48" Round                       6 - 8    ppl
60" Round                       8 - 10  ppl
72" Round                      10 - 12 ppl
84" Round                      12 - 14 ppl
8' Oval                           12 - 14 ppl
Bar or Station                150 Sq. Ft.
Bandstand                     20 Sq. Ft. per musician
Grand Piano                   100 Sq. Ft.
Upright Piano                   50 Sq. Ft.
Drums                           100 Sq. Ft.